As a client of Moltke-Leth

As our client you will initially be paired with a single lawyer in the office. That lawyer will see to the management of your case, often in collaboration with the office's capable case managers, and will always keep informed about how your case is proceeding.

We emphasise keeping you oriented about the progress of the work we are doing for you.

Case Management

In the event that your case concerns issues not covered by the supervising lawyer’s area of expertise, it will be possible to obtain advice from other in-house lawyers specialising in the field in question.

In obtaining advice from other advisors, e.g. regarding legal conditions abroad, the choice of advisor will be discussed with the client.

The client is the originator for such advisors, even though the invoice will be submitted to Moltke-Leth.

We are not liable for any assistance provided by such advisors.


All the lawyers at Moltke-Leth are members of the Danish Bar and Law Society and subject to its rules. All our lawyers have subscribed a liability insurance and furnished guarantees in accordance with the rules established by the Danish Bar and Law Society, and the liability insurance covers our law practice, regardless of where it is carried out.

Our liability insurance is subscribed with Codan Forsikring, Gl. Kongevej 60, 1790 Copenhagen V. Policy number: 9006239703

However, Lawyer Suzanne T. Estrup, Preventive Law, has policy no. 900 626 0133 with Codan Forsikring A/S.

We are liable vis-à-vis our clients under the general provisions of Danish law. Our liability does not extend to operating loss, lost data, lost profit, goodwill or other types of indirect loss. Reference is made to “Business Terms and Conditions”.

Disqualifying factors

When we receive a case, we first of all determine whether any problems in terms of disqualifying factors or a conflict of interest with another client are present, with the purpose of ensuring that we can take on the matter.

If you have not previously been our client, we will ask you to document your identity, as is required by the Danish Anti-Money Laundering Act.

Confidentiality and professional secrecy

Any and all information received from you in connection with our assistance is subject to our professional secrecy as lawyers, and we will keep such information completely confidential.

Intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights to materials generated by Moltke-Leth shall be the property of Moltke-Leth, unless otherwise expressly agreed.

Client funds

Any and all funds entrusted by our clients are administered in accordance with the rules of the Danish Bar and Law Society regarding client accounts (the client account regulation). The client funds will be deposited to and accrue interest in a client account at one of our banks, Danske Bank and Nykredit Bank.

We are not liable for client funds deposited in client accounts with our bank in the event that the bank in question becomes insolvent.

Client funds deposited in client accounts are covered by the general rules regarding depositor guarantees, and are consequently basically subject to a maximum coverage of EUR 100,000 for all accounts that the client has with the given financial institution. The maximum coverage applies to all deposits with the bank, even if the money is in different accounts, including both client bank accounts and private accounts. Deposits associated with real estate are subject to special rules if the real estate has been used or is intended to be used primarily for non-commercial purposes. In such cases the deposits are covered up to EUR 10 million for up to 12 months after the sum was deposited, and regardless of whether the deposit is in a separate account. More information about the guarantee scheme is available on the Guarantee Fund website at

We will use our customary banks, unless otherwise agreed with the client.

End of client relationship or case

The client relationship ceases at the time when:

  • The final invoice for the assistance is issued
  • At the request of the client
  • If, in a given case, we find that we are no longer able to pursue the case in the client’s interest

Original documents are normally returned no later than at the conclusion of the job.


If our assistance or fee fail to meet the client’s expectations, we will urge the client to contact the lawyer responsible for the client relationship. We will subsequently discuss the matter and aim at an amicable solution. Our law firm is subject to the general rules of the Danish Bar and Law Society regarding complaints, including complaints to the Society’s disciplinary board,


All the lawyers at Moltke-Leth are subject to the Danish Bar and Law Society’s supervision and disciplinary system, and to the rules of professional conduct for lawyers, cf. § 126 of the Danish Administration of Justice Act. The Code of Ethics applies as well, and all the lawyers at Moltke-Leth are licensed by the Danish Ministry of Justice; see more under ”Client”.