What does our assistance cost?

The way in which we calculate our fees is described below.

How is the fee calculated?

Fees are calculated based on:

(i) time expended and specialised knowledge applied in connection with our assistance,
(ii) an overall assessment of the nature and outcome of the case, the value of the case and its significance for the client
(iii) the nature of the work, and
(iv) the liabilities associated with the completion of the case

Individual cases are normally invoiced at the conclusion of the case.

An effort is made to invoice monthly or quarterly in connection with protracted cases or permanent client relationships.

Late payment entails that interest will accrue on the invoice amount.

Failure to pay may entail our withdrawal from the case and other cases being handled for the client.

Fees are subject to VAT in accordance with applicable law.

If you have legal aid insurance or meet the financial conditions for free litigation, you will also be able to have most of the costs of pursuing a lawsuit covered in many cases.

Individual cases are normally invoiced at the conclusion of the case, although it is also possible to enter into an agreement for invoicing on a current basis. Permanent client relationships are invoiced monthly.

In addition to the fee for the assistance provided, you will be invoiced any expenses that may be incurred in connection with the management of the case.

In addition to the fee for the assistance provided, the client will be invoiced any associated expenses. These will either be invoiced separately or appear on the next invoice.

Get an estimate
As a private person, you will also receive advance information about any costs associated with the case in question.

For commercial clients we will initially calculate the fee on an hourly basis. However, you are always welcome to get an estimate of what the work in question will cost, just as you can often obtain a fixed price for the work.

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