Mikael Bernhoft

Lawyer (H)

Areas of practice:
Mikael Bernhoft has worked at Moltke-Leth since 1991.
Today, Mikael Bernhoft is occupied with board and committee management.
Mikael Bernhoft has been teaching at the University of Copenhagen, and has furthermore been a court-assigned counsel from 1983 to 2017.
Mikael Bernhoft received the honorary award from Sagførernes Auktioner in 2006.
Read more at https://www.b.dk/navne/fair-play-advokaten

Right to appear before the Danish Supreme Court (1983)
Right to appear before the Danish High Courts (1978)
Attorney-at-law (1977)
Assistant attorney at Reumert etc. (1974-77)

Value Invest
Andersson og Sørensen Holding A/S
Alfr. Andersson og O. Sørensens eftf. A/S
Elektas EL-Installationer A/S
Fournais A/S
Fournais Handels og Ingeniørfirma A/S